Monday, April 5, 2010

The Beach

Some movie or famous person must have once said something like this: We are fast catching the present!

If not, you saw it here first, folks. This post refers to the 30th of March, an interesting day. On the 29th of March, my host family, Blair Thomson and his wife Sachiko, along with their two children, arrived home from their respective holidays. On this, their first full day back in Tokyo, Blair and Sachi decided it would be nice to take a trip to the beach!

We left at around 12:30pm, to catch a bus from Shinagawa to Odaiba, the closest access to salt water from our current location. We arrived at a nice hotel, and made our way across suspended walkways and courtyards towards some cafes and the sand. It was unusual to be walking over 50 metres in the air, looking down at the water of Tokyo bay. Please refer to the following two photos.

One view over Tokyo Bay.

Turning further North, another photo.

I knew, when Blair informed me of our goal to arrive at the beach, that it would not be the same beach one would experience living on the Gold Coast. This certainly drove the point home. We found a nice Italian restaurant slightly further along the walk from this photo. Since I arrived in Japan, 26 days before this post, I have eaten more Italian than almost half a year on the Gold Coast. Please do not read that as a complaint, there are very few meals I have had in this country that I have not thoroughly enjoyed, interesting observation though.

After lunch, we journey down to bury our feet in the sand, or at least the Japanese version of that. If you had found the extreme difference between the beach on the Gold Coast and that of Tokyo Bay shocking before, these next photos may drive you over the edge.

A photo looking North

And then rotating to look west...

Then south...

And then turning...

A little to the east, I think.

Even though I was shocked to think this is the 'beach' that many in Tokyo would grow up to know, this is easily one of the world's largest cities, and one that is constantly growing. The land I was standing on when I took this photo was once the wild sea, a fascinating experience.


  1. This is actually quite an impressive beach. Indeed, nothing like what we expect in Australia at least this beach appears from the pictures to have a fairly good quality of sand. Most beaches have a high broken shell / rock content.

  2. So Ben was this reclaimed land? As in sand pumped up to make the beach, the land higher than sea level? I do remember Blair taking us to a place that was reclaimed land & one of the buildings looks familiar. Check out our photos from then & I'm sure you will find a similar photo. The only comment you made about that was the last sentence "The land I was standing on when I took this photo was once the wild sea, a fascinating experience." You really should have explained that a bit.

  3. Also a comment could have been made about the season & temperature as others might wonder why the most popular beach in Tokyo had so few people visiting.